What is EFT?

Often works where nothing else will...


Gentle, yet rapid and yielding long-lasting results…


No drugs or equipment involved...


Easily learned by anyone...


Can be applied on your own.

E.F.T., a.k.a. Meridian Tapping or "tapping", the very fastest ways to deliberately reorganize your subconscious mind and recalibrate your brain's physiological response to stress. This technique is a combination of methods derived from eastern medicine, western psychology, and universally healing principles such as compassion and love. I will lead you through a series of linguistic exercises while we apply a percussive tapping on your bodies pressure points in order to release excess emotional charge, "dissolving" the experience of suffering and releasing the stress that has jammed the body, mind, and spirit's natural ability to rapidly heal and balance itself. EFT diffuses old emotional patterns and resolves life-long issues.



The Emotional Freedom Techniques method is clinically effective (with 30 years of case studies) in treating:

•trauma, abuse, childhood related issues


•panic, anxiety, fears, phobias, depression 




•physical symptoms coming from emotional sources like some physical pain, allergies, headaches, breathing difficulties, and more.



Properly applied, over 90%  of people achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.

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