Personal Transformation Coach & Mentor, Johna Goldenflame, presents... 






So let’s have a chat about what’s going on for you...

  • You want to leave a mission-driven legacy with your leadership…but that vision feels so big you are afraid it will never truly happen. You have no idea how to get from where you are now to where you need to be to make that happen. 


  • You’re making power moves in your life and work, going a million miles an hour.  You’re dedicated to your mission,  but feeling drained and exhausted was not the idea. You’re a committed change-maker, but now YOU are the one who needs change.

  • You suspect there’s a massive piece of the puzzle you’re missing, and it’s keeping you feeling stressed, disempowered, and intimidated by your own goals while wrestling with the feeling that you’re meant for SO much more.


It’s time to tap into the hidden source of power within you to reach peak performance and become capable of massive success — WHILE feeling blissed out, in flow, and totally lit up by your life’s highest vision and purpose. 



How do you make the leap from fighting your way to the top to riding the current of your spiritual ascension?



















It’s time to change your mental and energetic signature in order to create the success you are seeking.


You do not have to do this all on your own. My speciality is taking my clients through this journey.




























Living a life of love, joy, and accomplishment is RADICAL ACT. 

YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL……….without sacrificing your personal joy, romance or wealth to make things happen. IN FACT, moving from surviving to thriving is KEY. Living a life of joy, wealth, amplifies your ability to serve to the greater good. 

We are clearly at a turning point on this Earth and those who feel called to leadership are stepping up. Out of chaos always comes the potential for alignment with new beauty and growth. Are you going to be a part of the solution or the problem?


It’s time for a new league of visionary leaders and we are the team that will guide our Earth towards positive evolution. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams. The thing most often said about my work is that our time together will be “life-changing”, and that is my mission- To ignite the spirits of revolutionaries who will stand as magnificent embodiments of the divine and create a paradigm where the Earth and all her beings thrive - STARTING WITH YOU.

My job is to help forge big hearted Visionary Leaders who will be UNSTOPPABLE in standing for the greater good. But even better, your mission is fueled by the NECTAR of life as your spiritual radiance illuminates your path.























I’m calling in an epic team of Leaders, Social Organisers, Activists, Earth Guardians, and Cultural Creatives.

You’re a leader who wants to source more of your power from tapping into your true genius and through accessing Divine Intelligence while working on the quantum field. 


Instead of ‘working’ and ‘pushing’ to ‘make everything happen’, you’re ready to co-create with Source by letting your spiritual fire fuel the engine.

If you are ready to access your pure potential and open up to all that life has to offer while living your calling, I’m going to show you how. 

Life is meant to be JUICY and you are meant to be RADIANT and GUIDED by your Spiritual fire inorder to land dream promotions in your career, make massive shifts in your love life, receive more wealth than you’ve ever thought possible, and so much more!























Living a magnificent, awe-inspiring life is your BIRTHRIGHT as an emanation of the Holy Divine Intelligence that is encoded in every molecule of your being. 


If you’ve been dreaming of leading a mission to contribute to the greater good of our planet. It’s time for you to step into the truth -  You are a visionary powerhouse.  When you live in integrity with the contribution that is in your own heart, you're ready to trust yourself at the next level, you will walk through the world with power and grace. 


If you are ready to:


  • Tap into the nectar of life while living your calling on your own terms.


  • Be a living contribution to the world, knowing a profound, awe-inspiring life is your BIRTHRIGHT. 


  • Shift from feeling totally overwhelmed, exhausted, and ready to quit, to working with a  sacred bond with God, as Creation itself is animated through you


  • Unleash and master the Spiritual guidance and power that is inside of you to unveil a deep relationship with your Self-guidance. This will lead you every step of your journey.  









Imagine You...


  • Could raise millions to fund your world-changing vision and legacy. 


  • Had a dream team of advisors, employees, and investors laying opportunities at your feet, throwing money at you, and fully engaging with making your mission happen — in record time. 


  • Had the spiritual tools and superpowers to connect your career with your deepest soul longings to feel aligned and on purpose while conducting a high-profile board meeting at the office. 


  • Achieve more spiritual wealth and the experience of beauty life while getting bigger results in 3D reality. The majesty of your spirituality is translated into a practical lifestyle and is an engine for professional success.


  • Had endless stores of energy, vitality, and focus to amplify your impact and win every negotiation. This is absolutely possible when you know how to source your power from the divine within and can bend & mold energy so that everything works in your favor. 

























We are going to dive deep into the SCIENCE of Spirit and peak performance. Technology has been able to prove the methods behind ANCIENT WISDOM. Spirituality must be combined with practical guidance and strategy.


Just like a tiny seed that already contains the blueprint of a giant tree, you have Source intelligence encoded in every molecule of your being. Our job is to signal to the brain that it is time to wake it up and turn it on. I combine deep healing work and neurological repatterning with transformational coaching so that you can live your life as a power player. THAT is true ascension.



Are you ready to fully step into your destiny and bust through the limitations that have held you back?



















Supporting visionaries to fulfill their life’s mission

Visionary POwerhouse

Ignite your spiritual fire to fuel the engine of your success


My method is two-fold:

You need to be the master of your mind


you need a higher power to work through you. 

Marco, CEO, Biotech Engineering

"Marco went from a working as an engineer in tech to receiving his first C-suite promotion and has since gone on to start his own biotech engineering start-up with a world changing mission. He has now raised over $70 million in his new venture from the RIGHT investors, attracted a superstar team, and has his industry’s top advisors in the nation… all while feeling lit up and inspired, deepening his relationships, having more fun, and buying his first Tesla. We worked for his dream and now he is the king of his kingdom."

Harley, Head Of Operations & Support

“Working with Johna has helped me work through my fears and limiting beliefs, and begin to build the life I really want. I was able to quit my job, travel, deepen my spiritual practice, and am in the process of building my own business. I feel more "myself" than ever. The best thing about working with Johna is that I don't feel like I am forcing changes in my life. As we work through beliefs that hold me back, more good things naturally enter my life and unhealthy habits have fallen away.”

You’re in the right place, Visionary Powerhouse.

Chris, Former attorney, turned CEO & Peak Performance Coach.

When I met Chris, he was reeling from a massive career shift. He had just closed his law firm because he was sick of feeling stuck in a career that paid well but didn’t inspire him. His relationship was stagnant, and he felt overwhelmed by the amount of change his life required. He was overworking and try to hustle toward the next level while feeling torn up inside.


Chris is now the CEO of a coaching firm for new attorneys, has developed is own coaching app which is quickly revealing itself a multimillion-dollar product, has multiple digital coaching courses, and offers private consultation. He tripled his income right away, he has a vast financial future on the horizon, AND

he lives each day in bliss as he works through life's challenges. He has gained all of this massive success, and his heart is open and full of joy.


Rewire your brain to master your mind and make it the servant of your highest potential the way it is meant to be.

DANA, ER nurse turned holistic healer and world traveler:

Dana worked long hours caring for people in the ER and suffered from compassion fatigue. Dana didn’t have anything to give to loved ones on her days off. She was overworked, isolated and depressed. She felt her only source of connection came from endless scrolling on Instagram and Facebook. She was addicted to social media and she rarely left the house. 

 Dana and I worked together to heal a lifetime of trauma and a deep lack of fulfilment. Dana finally left her job, got off the internet and moved to Bali. She spends her days writing music and singing, she’s found belonging in her new community, and she’s pursuing her true dreams of working as a holistic healer.


 “My life has forever transformed since working with Johna.  What I've been able to move through with her after just 1.5 years blows my mind.”

Robert, Attorney at Law and Jury Consultant


“Johna Goldenflame is an amazing force for transformation.  As a lawyer who specializes in dealing with the most difficult and high stakes cases, I was skeptical that (the work) would make any real difference in my life.  However, after just one session, I immediately felt relaxed, energized, and better able to serve my clients, family, and community.  Later sessions have empowered me to bring my business to greater heights and profitability.”

Why me?


I have held a deep dedication to my own healing and self-mastery through self-healing arts since 2004. My life’s journey required me to find a way to permanently heal from complex PTSD, addiction, and severe emotional issues - drag myself out of Hell and claim my own ascension.

  I was my teacher’s toughest client, and I know what is like to be afraid that nothing will ever really change. But I’m living proof that anyone who will claim it for themselves can go from mess to majesty.  I now have the roadmap and the GRIT to be a stand for what is possible because I teach tried and true methods. 


What I do WORKS, when so many other methods do not because I am not from the corporate world. I have never been conditioned by the corporate mindset that has failed so many. What I do penetrates straight to the Spirit within and gives you the neurological training you don’t ever hear of in the academic or corporate world. I offer the keys to influence the corporate quantum field.

I have now been supporting clients for over a decade to make the leap into the mission-based professional success of their dreams. 2020 - a time when most people feel like life on hold, or going backwards, I am clear that it is time for rapid growth, profound healing, and a turning point to usher in a new paradigm. My clients and I have SURGED forward, many of us more than tripling our yearly incomes, raising millions of dollars in capital, building world-changing corporations, and saying goodbye to enslavement to the hustle and grind of faraway dreams. 

Not every Spiritual Mentor…


  • Is a master transformational life coach, spiritual counselor, and healer. 


  • Has spent the last three decades studying spiritual psychology, esoteric technology, the healing arts, and peak performance.


  • Has personally achieved permanent physical and psychological healing from severe complex PTSD, Fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue through extensive work with energy medicine, positive psychology, and neurological repatterning, spiritual healing and indigenous healing practices, nutrition and botanical communion, tantra, applied esoteric technologies, transpersonal psychology, and the power of prayer. This transformation is now applied with all my clients, achieving the seemingly impossible on a daily basis. 


  • Specializes in helping smart and fierce people become direct channels of Source energy to gain personal and professional success for the greater good of our planet.

I am so excited to take this journey with you,

Visionary Powerhouse

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Kristin, Mindset Coach

Johna is the Northstar real deal. She is an intuitive, strong, compassionate, grounded, connected, magical woman who is changing my life. We've worked together 4 times now and I'm in awe at the ways my life is blossoming and transforming. Our work together is deep, soul work that is healing old stories and guiding me further down my path of Truth.

Mike, Treasurer & Book Keeper for Non-Profits

Johna is an exceptional listener and has a way of helping to gently guide you through complicated emotions and challenges you're facing - and then gives you strategies to build new, better ways to think about and process those challenges. The work we've done together has helped me break through barriers in my work and personal life that I didn't even know existed - things that were getting in my way and old routines that were preventing me from being happy and making the changes I wanted to make.


After several months of working together, I feel like a completely new person. She has my full and complete recommendation.

Landon, CEO

Prior to working with Johna I approached negotiations from a place of anger and frustration. Through our work, I was able to really step into my power. I learned to handle high-stakes negotiations by feeling full of joy and excitement and I engaged my boss from a place of love and gratitude while standing firmly in my truth. This transformation was absolutely crucial for the outcome.