Johna Goldenflame Transformational Coach & Spiritual Counselor

I turn everyday CEOs into Mission-Driven, Elite Leaders of world-changing movements.

Goldenflame Coaching


Practical magic for the Powerhouse CEO.


You’re here to create BIG change and make a MASSIVE impact...but something’s missing.


Your next ‘power move’ is claiming the leader and visionary you’re here to BE — mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

I am not from the corporate dimension. Not even close. 


Yet, my clients are engineers, lawyers, c-suite executives, startup CEOs, leaders in tech, and wildly successful social activists and innovators.




I’ve mastered the art of spiritual psychology where science meets soul...and true success is born. 


Creating different results requires a different approach. 


Instead of trying another typical ‘self-help’ seminar or dabbling in spiritual theories without seeing any real, lasting results in your career, relationships, or bank account…

I invite you to step into your visionary potential and power like never before. 

You’re here for influence, impact, and to live guided by your intuition.

You feel this, but you’ve forgotten it.

I’m here to remind you that you are already just need to unlock the door between your current reality and the version of yourself and your life that you crave (but can’t seem to conjure up on your own).

To change your life and change the world, you don’t need perfection, you don’t need to perform, and you certainly don’t need to keep trying to prove yourself to the wrong people.


You need to take deliberate, potent ACTION, and I’m here to help you do just that...over and over again. 


Because we both know that what you’re here to create isn’t going to be built in a couple of months, it requires long-term sustainability and a deep embodiment of your leadership legacy.


Just imagine that where you’re at right now is your BEFORE. 


And your AFTER is full of adventure, bliss, wealth, triumph, fun, and never ending possibilities for a future of achievement, prosperity, and joy.


This is about success rooted in sustainable longevity, where you’re nourished and never at risk of burning out again. 


Combining science, spirituality, and advanced success principles I’ll show you how to build a blueprint for this new identity so you can:


  • Turn your 9-5 grind into a deeply fulfilling career, vocation, or mission-driven empire of your own


  • Discover your purpose and experience more expansion in your life than you could ever imagine


  • Create limitless wealth and finally invest in that Tesla, multi-million dollar home, or location-free lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of


  • Get rid of the high-achiever’s anxiety that’s eating you alive and step into flow, peace, and creative ease


  • Upgrade your relationships, end old toxic patterns, and reclaim love in your life

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World-class leadership requires world-class support.


If you’re thinking “Are you sure that’s me?”


Chances are — YES! 


This is exactly where you belong. 


This is where the power of mindset...meets the mystical.


This is where your ‘average’ success becomes otherworldly.


This is where everything changes.


Heading up a major movement, founding a world-changing business, and radically changing every area of your life doesn’t have to be a grind. 


To access your deepest genius, you just have to say YES to becoming a disciple, lover, and student of yourself. 


You can say goodbye to shrinking as you try not to dominate, overpower, or intimidate others…


And hello to a life where your BIG personality, gifts, and mission bring you everything you could ever desire. 



About Johna:

Johna Goldenflame is turning everyday CEOs into leaders of extra-ordinary movements, world-changing missions, and massive influence. As a Master EFT Practitioner and Certified Life Coach who is also deeply trained in Spiritual Psychology and Esoteric Technologies, she bridges the gap between the ‘spiritual’ world and ‘mainstream’ success, showing her clients how to create an inner foundation for financial, spiritual, emotional, and mental outer ascension. 


Johna Goldenflame is turning everyday CEOs into leaders of world-changing movements as she bridges the gap between the ‘spiritual’ world and ‘mainstream’ success.