Aligned and Crystal Clear!

A magical New Year’s resolution Tapping and Manifestation intensive for 2020


As above, so below: As the spiral turning of the cosmos is reflected in precise accuracy in the unfurling of a fern, planets swirl, the sun returns its light, and our spirits open to a new opportunity to shine forth the magnificence within. 


We welcome this new time with the fiery spark of the divine in our hearts strengthened by this communal journey.


This EFT manifestation intensive is for experienced “Tappers” who are strong at heart. It is for those who are determined and devoted to a unique life of their own creation that want to learn how to set goals then achieve them through clear planning, EFT, and creative magnetism.


Explore a dynamic range of how we are creating our realities in the psychological, neurological, emotional, energetic, and mental realms. We will use advanced methods, from the newest advances in neuroscience to ancient wisdom, in order to release self-limitation and quickly affect positive trends in our lives. 


  • Outline goals and create a map to success

  • Rewire your brain’s neural networks in real-time.


  • Rebalance your energy, align with resolutions for full creativity.


  • Clear emotional blocks in order to feel empowered & inspired. 



Four 90 min group calls:

     Weekly lesson and tapping circle hosted on Zoom

     Sundays Dec 29th, Jan 5th, 12th,19th

     5 PM PST/8 PM EST

     Calls will be recorded for those who cannot make it for the live event.



    • Spell Craft and psychology 

    • Simple tools for manifesting and achieving your goals

    • ABRACADABRA -How to speak your creation into being

    • Working with symbols, crystals, candles


Daily solo work:

     Monday - Friday 20 min of tapping, prayer, and intention setting

FB group:

     Daily check-in, inspiration, and progress shares 


Bonus Ritual Suggestions all month long!

Special gifts!

Extended resources and a reading list



Tuition: $444 

Send payment via Venmo: @johnagoldenflame

Or PayPal:

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Set the tone for 2020 by cultivating a life of alignment and inspired action, community, and magic for the fulfilment of your heart’s deepest desires. 
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